A (a_jew) wrote,

Burned out.

I'm so sick of school right now. Circuit Theory is supposed to be like my passion, but I hate it. I'm completely lost and I have no hopes of floating. I'm drowning and just gotta ride the current until I hit land. Dr. Murshid can't teach and no one cares. I don't get it. We're paying through our noses for a good education and I havn't learned a god damned thing. He reads off of power points that don't explain SHIT. No one will help me that knows it, and no one that will help me knows it. It's a vicious circle that makes me just want to jump in front of a train. I really hate college. I shouldn't. I like the material, I just can't learn from the way the teacher is teaching. I don't get a fucking thing. I'm seriously going to have to sit down with my GSAs and crank this shit out for the next test... I guess. Murshithead isn't going to teach me enough to get even a 50%...
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