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Back from Rhode Island

Oh wowzers. I played Guitar Hero with Stan Bush! And I got to see all the new toys for Transformers: Animated. Had a great weekend in Tycho's hometown. His mom's house was amazing, and her hospitality went above and beyond our expectations. She practically gave us her house for the weekend. I got all the exclusives, which I love. A lot. All 10 of them. Fantastic repaints/remolds. Also got Revoltech Convoy and Megs for cheap. A really cool anime girl. 4 Micromen. A Stikfas Viking, very cool. 8 basic TFs from RID and BW. Jessie got 4 sketches of Ravage from comic book artists and hasbro designers and one badass statue of Ravage. She also got some Star Wars toys on the super cheap, including Masterpiece Aurra Singh and C-3PO. Overall, we left very happy and not entirely broke. That last part's super important. We stopped at Jon's parents house on the way home, and there were 5 dogs. I got really sick from a sandwich in NJ and it made me want to die until yesterday.


I REALLY hate my car sometimes. We overpaid for it, and looking at her you wouldn't think so. For the most part it's been a good ride, but the trouble has been terrible. She's had almost twice as much money put into her since we bought her, and the passenger side still leaks. It's not a constant, I dunno what happened. I'm probably going to have to sink some major money into her soon. ALl of the trouble we had going to Rhode Island only made that more apparent, she overheated and WOULD NOT start after we got gas in NJ. My stomach jumped into my throat and I got really scared. So we had to wait with the hood up for it to cool down a bit, the picture to the right is in Rhode Island just before we made it to Tycho's Mom's house.

Most importantly, I have a permanent visitor. I guess that makes her not a visitor. She's completely moved in, and we're loving it. She brought a bird, which terrified me at first, but he's my buddy. We whistle at each other and he even likes to cuddle with me. It's hilarious. He grooms my beard, runs his beak through it and makes sure I don't have anything hidden in there. She brings me soda and cleans the dishes and does laundry when I can't. She's even paying half of the rent, and we're happy. It's great. I wish our apartment were a two bedroom, and I wish Tycho'd live here with us, but then again that'd change things quite a bit. So who knows...

I love you, Cutiebutt.
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