A (a_jew) wrote,

OMFG I got a new pet!

Jessie and I went to this awesome pet store called Incredible Pets. We played with a bunch of birds and walked around, I stuck my hand in the cockatiel pen and this one bird jumped right on my hand. It climbed up my arm to my shoulder and I played with it for almost an hour. I'm not sure if it's a male or female yet, we won't find out until we go to get the wings clipped again, but I finally found a name for it. My birdie is a pied lutino, which means it's white with yellow and grey, and it has orange cheeks. My birdie is SUPER yellow though, tinted throughout, and I'm told it's a pretty rare combination of colors and patterns. It's on my shoulder now, and I really don't want to take him off to go to work.

My birdie's name is: Kihane. It means Yellow wing, or Yellow Feather.
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