A (a_jew) wrote,

Bad Day

This is going to be my last post until my birthday, just so I can keep this information somewhere.

I got a speeding ticket today. My first ever. The police officer was pulling into a turn around and saw me, pulled me over. Asked me how fast I was going. I said "I have no idea." He responded with "Does 91 sound about right?" and I shook my head "No sir, I don't believe I was going that fast." He responded "Well, believe it. Can I see your license and registration?" I handed him my license and insurance, he pushed for my registration. I explained that it is in the glove box and after getting a nod from him I went into the glove box. He yelled at me not to move so fast and asked if there was anything in my glovebox he should no about. "No sir. Just some CDs." After fumbling around for my registration, he said "Nevermind." and went back to his cruiser. He came back and asked for my mailing address about 10 minutes later, and returned to his vehicle. 15 minutes later he came back to me and handed me my ticket explaining the mandatory court date for going more than 30 miles an hour over the posted limit. He asked if I had any questions to which I asked "I don't think it's possible I was going that fast and my mother always told me to ask to see the instrument I was clocked with." He responded "We don't save those sorts of things." and told me to slow down.

I honestly don't think I was going more than 85, and I know he didn't clock me going 91. Regardless, I have a court date the day before my 21st birthday. I'm hoping to plead no contest to a lesser charge thanks to the information above. My first speeding ticket. *sob* How am I going to tell my mother?

Edit: Turns out the truth will set you free. Mom was understanding as hell.
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